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Matthieu Chavigny

Matthieu Chavigny - On a JavaScript tune

On a JavaScript tune

Matthieu Chavigny - Lead front-end developer @ ReLyfe
Matthieu Chavigny - Lead front-end developer @ ReLyfe
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At 34, Matthieu Chavigny could very well be at the head of the family cereal farm in his native Beauce. But the lead front-end developer at ReLyfe prefers to cultivate the IT field in depth...

Within ReLyfe, Matthieu Chavigny's mission, in his capacity as Lead front-end developer, is clear: he is in charge of implementing a React.js (TypeScript & hooks)/Redux/Saga architecture for the PassCare web application, with a monorepo (Lerna) shared with PassCare's React Native mobile application (available on Android and iOs).

Use of Material-ui, Firebase, Google Maps Api, Prismic multi-language. Review of merge requests, pair-programming in VS Code. Generation of a component library with Storybook. CI/CD Gitlab : ESLint, End-to-End tests ( and deployments on 3 environments. Error monitoring with Sentry and Datadog.

"What else?", as the other guy would say...

A chagrined mind may find this job definition a bit esoteric. Not at all! When you've fallen into the computer world at a very young age, like Matthieu Chavigny, it sounds almost like Victor Hugo. Moreover, knowing that the role of a web developer is to design a website from a graphic model drawn up by a graphic designer, everything becomes clear: "Damn! But that's... Of course!", the aforementioned mind will then mutter through its teeth, striking the palm of its right hand with its left fist.

Back to the future

You either have a predisposition or you don't. When, on the threshold of adolescence and the 2000s, his father finally gave him the computer he had been asking for for a long time, along with the first Internet subscription offered by AOL - "99 francs a month, unlimited... but which disconnected after half an hour!" - Matthieu Chavigny happily discovered the joys of a new world. On the website, he learns HTML and JavaScript languages on his own and codes his first websites. In high school, this youngster became so interested in search engine optimization (SEO) that he developed a number of legal tricks to earn his pocket money. A DUT in Multimedia and Internet, in Blois - "2 very formative and enriching years, with great teachers. I loved it". -This was followed by a bachelor's degree, which led him to work at Euro RSCG 4D, where he worked for clients such as L'Oréal, Carrefour, Danone, Peugeot, etc. But the cheeky bum criticised the teaching of programming in Java, even though Flash was the most widely used language, and the director of the IUT suggested that as a penance (sic!) he teach the latter. This is how the new graduate became a teacher for 5 years, barely older than his students. "This allowed me to structure my knowledge and to master learned concepts. At the same time, he tasted the emulation of start-ups, then gave up teaching, returned to a subsidiary of the Publicis group where he familiarised himself with JavaScript and worked for end clients such as Orange, Cartier, Axa and the RATP, before going freelance in 2013 in order to join his future wife more often, who was then following an Erasmus programme in Antwerp. Aaaaah, love...

Seduced by the product

In 2020, ReLyfe contacted me. I was immediately seduced by the product and the service offered. The company is technically very advanced, at the cutting edge of practice in terms of technological development. To put it simply, I would say that my role is to oversee all the display codes: Jane Seneor designs the interface graphically and my team and I code it to make it usable on any medium. I bring to ReLyfe, therefore, my expertise as a developer, but also skills in team structuring and project management, acquired with the large communication groups and companies I have worked with."

Olives in Italy

When he feels the need to take a short break ("but never for too long, my job is my passion") Matthieu Chavigny goes to Italy to disconnect by picking olives - perfettamente signore! -usually in November; or, in contrast to his ordinary hobbies, he shapes some sharp blade, proud of his training as a cutler. Otherwise, as a modern husband and father, Matthieu shares the burden of the family's daily life with his wife ("50/50") and looks after a one-year-old Victoire, for whose beautiful eyes he has put sport on hold. For the anecdote, let's mention that Victoire already has an iPhone baby, just to prepare herself a little...