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We connect patients to their care teams, easily.

Communicate. Share. Collaborate. Everywhere.

We connect patients to their care teams, easily.

Communicate. Share. Collaborate. Everywhere.

Patients, get your interactive health profile

10 seconds to link any health professional to your medical profile, anywhere in the world.

Share and connect your health profile instantly with any health professional, even if he is not already member of the ReLyfe network.

It's private, personal, universal and secure. You receive, own and master all your medical data in several languages, in one structured place, throughout your life.

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Health professionals, create a digital bridge with your patients

10 seconds to activate an interactive health profile to your patient, linked to all your devices and software, worldwide.

Join the network to download your own Plug-Link Virtual Printer.

Print any documents or images, from any software you are using, directly into your patients' health profile, in a few clicks, whether they are in front of you or remote.

Save time & money being paperless, sharing data & having a global vision of patients' health thanks to an instant access to their reliable & secure real-life medical information.

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Automatic recognition and structuring of medical data using AI

ReLyfe’s Artificial Intelligence structures patients' data to follow them throughout health journey, giving them control, always.

ReLyfe's algorithms provide real-time information of unprecedented quality and accuracy for decision making support and medical follow-up.

They enable prevention and prediction of diseases, and a better understanding in real-world, as close to the patient as possible, aiming for better treatment.

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Managing Health Data has never been easier !

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